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E-Squirrel B2B (e-commerce) solution provides all the tools you need to run a successful e-commerce channel. With capabilities that include a full-featured web store, online registration forms and customized website building and hosting, E-Squirrel B2B (e-commerce) will help you grow and manage your online business across multiple sales channels, websites and international regions. E-Squirrel B2B (e-commerce) provides the customer-specific process, product, pricing, invoicing and billing capabilities needed for the complex world of B2B transactions and relationships.

E-Squirrel B2B (e-commerce) helps you manage both new business and ongoing relationships across multiple channels, including webstores, in-house sales, retail distributors, brick-and-mortar stores, and channel partners. You can even publish separate B2B and B2C websites—each with its own pricing, content, promotions and purchase rules.


  • Scale your entire e-commerce business better by improving efficiencies across your entire organization, from e-commerce and sales to inventory and accounting
  • Win more customers with a full-featured, intuitive, "" webstore experience
  • Provide custom pricing to customers, including negotiated prices, volume discounts and flexible payment terms
  • Expedite order processing and shipping for fast, reliable, accurate fulfillment and improved customer satisfaction
  • Serve your customers and partners better by providing them with self-service customer and partner portals
  • Giving sales and services reps real-time visibility into all customer interactions
  • Support multiple business models easily with the ability to run multi-brand webstores and multiple sales channels—as well as support for multiple languages, currencies and countries
  • Optimize your marketing investments with real-time "closed-loop" tracking of marketing campaigns and promotions, and increase sales with automated cross-sell and up-sell recommendations.

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