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Webstore and Shopping Cart

  • Create a full-featured webstore that provides customers with an intuitive online shopping experience
  • Accept a wide range of payment methods, including Pay Pal and Google Checkout, as well as multiple currencies
  • Manage multiple webstores and catalog businesses
  • After the order, your customers and partners can track orders easily through special self-service portals.

Custom Pricing, Terms and Credit Limits

  • Give customers their own negotiated prices, terms and credit limits
  • Reward high-volume customers with lower prices, or set high-margin pricing for cash sales customers
  • Convert web orders automatically to invoices with workflow managing approval, fulfillment and billing.

Orders and Fulfillment

  • Streamline the complete order-to-shipment process, and get real-time visibility into each step
  • Set up webstore shopping cart orders—and orders through other sales channels—to trigger all necessary processes, from inventory drawdown to printing pick orders and shipping labels, allowing you fulfill orders quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Multiple Business Channels

  • Sell your products through multiple web sites and channels—including separate websites for B2B and B2C customers, each with their own content, pricing and promotions
  • Sell offline through phone orders, recurring orders and physical stores
  • Flow all information into the same order management, inventory management and customer management system.

Customer Self-Service

  • Give each customer 24/7 access to a password-protected self-service center where they can view order status and track their packages, review and approve quotes, reorder, view their purchase history, update their shipping and payment information, request returns and refunds, and much more.

Password-Protected Content

  • Password-protect all or a portion of the site to restrict access to preferred customers
  • Limit who can view content and pricing on your site
  • Restrict your entire site, particular products or pages, or just pricing.

Web Marketing

  • Send high-volume, targeted emails
  • Get real-time, closed-loop tracking of all of your marketing programs, from lead through opportunity to true sales revenue
  • Easily generate online forms that automatically populate your customer relationship management (CRM) system upon submission.

Customer Upsell and Cross-Sell

  • Capture all of your customer information in a single system to measure customer lifecycle value through renewal, upsell and cross-sell revenue
  • Mine customers' entire purchase and interaction histories to create segments for highly targeted, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns
  • Understand how customers use your website and what products they're most interested in.
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